Measurement & Evaluation

We welcome all efforts to assess the implementation of the programme and to evaluate its impact.

Firstly, we have arranged for a three year external assessment of the programme to be undertaken by the School for Policy Studies at the University of Bristol, in partnership with researchers from the University of Namibia, on the impact of the programme in Namibia entitled “The Perivoli Schools Trust Early Child Care and Education Model: Exploring lived experiences and wider social impacts”. View the report here.

Secondly, we encourage the relevant authorities in the countries where we work to undertake their own evaluation of the programme.

View the report prepared by the Directorate of Early Education in Zambia.

Thirdly, with their kind permission, we are adopting the International Development and Early Learning Assessment tool (IDELA) developed by Save The Children. We are rolling the tool out starting in Malawi and will report the results in due course on this Perivoli Schools website.