Our Trainers are issued with tablet computers. They use them to collect data on the teachers and their pupils. They are required to sync their tablets with the Perivoli database at each visit.

The purpose is to help us monitor the reach of the programme; to assess its impact; and to help us direct the Trainers more effectively to focus on the teachers that need the most help.

The tablets are geolocation enabled so that we can track where and when the visits are taking place.

Perivoli Progress Indicators (PPI)

The Trainers are required to record Classroom Observations indicating, from one visit to the next, the progress that teachers are making with following the steps prescribed by the programme.

We have established twelve so-called Progress Indicators. This table shows progress with seven of them.

Each Teacher’s PPI is measured at every visit, and viewed by the Regional Coordinator responsible for the Trainer. This helps them to direct visits to those teachers who appear to be struggling.

Pupil data

The Trainers also record details about the children in their classes to include their name, their date of birth, their first language and school attendance on the date of their visit. We plan over time to use this data to undertake a longitudinal study of how the children progress through life and what factors most influence the outcomes.

Programme Oversight

The database generates summary tables for Regional Coordinators which we call “RC Pages”. These show the activities of each of the Trainers that report to them (usually three to six).

Regional Coordinators can see:

How many Modules a teacher has attended

Which teachers have not been visited for three months

Which teachers are showing a low PPI score

This enables the Regional Coordinators to direct the Trainers to visit the teachers who appear to be struggling the most.

In addition, the RC Pages have two summary warning tabs which list:

Data integrity issues

I.e. where a Trainer has not been entering data accurately or consistently

Data integrity issues

The geolocation feature, where a Trainer does not appear to have visited the teacher at her/his classroom

In addition, the RC Pages have two summary warning tabs which list:


Teacher attendance rate at Module sessions


Number of unvisited teachers with low PPI scores


Number of data integrity warnings


Number of geo-location warnings


Percentage of privacy consents obtained per teacher and per parent of the children interacted with


Average PPI score in relation to number of Modules delivered

The RC Pages will tell them month by month how they are doing on each of these parameters.

Senior Regional Coordinators

Regional Coordinators report in clusters of three or four to Senior Regional Coordinators who report to the Program Joint CEOs.


We take privacy issues seriously. We ask our Trainers, the teachers we interact with and the parents or guardians of the children whose data we collect to sign a consent form agreeing to allow us to collect the information on them.

Our Consent form refers them to the Perivoli Privacy Policy which can be viewed here.